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Le sentier Garonne


Le sentier Garonne 58 rue Pasteur,
Tel. 05 63 21 79 65



From the banks of the Garonne to the slopes of Moissac, follow the trails along the river, taking the Canal des Deux Mers and the Way of Saint Jacques de Compostela.

This trip over the water takes you from Lamagistère and its quays to Moissac, unmissable site in Tarn-et-Garonne, through Auvillar, ranked most beautiful villages in France.

From the Golfech power plant on the slopes of Boudou, admire step by step protected sites like the island of Montradon and the confluence of Tarn and Garonne.

Orchards, wash houses, chasselas vines parade to the rhythm of the landscapes crossed.

For both young and old, this route allows you to meet many amazing species such as gray herons, great cormorants, terns or swallows ...

Language(s) : français

GPS coordinates : lat. 44° 7' 27" - long. 0° 49' 9"