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Birthplace Pierre Fermat


Maison Natale Pierre Fermat Maison Natale Pierre Fermat 3 rue Pierre Fermat  ,
Tel. 05 63 26 52 30



Tribute to mathematician Pierre de Fermat was born in the early seventeenth century in Beaumont-de-Lomagne.

A Beaumont Lomagne, science and mathematics learning while having fun: manipulations, workshops, puzzle lovers ... scientific and cultural tourism, the Birthplace of Pierre Fermat welcomes you.

Who was Pierre Fermat?
Born in Beaumont Lomagne in the early seventeenth century lomagnols parents, Pierre Fermat had studied law in Orleans and Toulouse before becoming Magistrate Parliament of Toulouse. He sat on several occasions the Court of the Edict in Castres, where he died in 1665.
This genius enthusiast a passion for mathematics and corresponded with the greatest scholars of his time Mersenne, Roberval, Pascal, Descartes, Galileo, Dygby, Gassendi, Huygens, Carcavi. He brought, key contributions in several areas of mathematics: analytical geometry, calculus, probability theory, optics, number theory.
It is in this last branch that Fermat distinguished and proved without rival, especially with his theorem which held spellbound scientists around the world for 356 years.

-2 Permanent exhibitions' Fermat child of Lomagne "and" Charge Codes "to discover the life and work of this great mathematician.
-Of Games puzzles and handling for all ages (free).
-Of Visits games: hunting theorem in the house (€ 2), Egyptian and Roman numeration, stroll with Pierre Fermat ...
-A Stunning view of the country house from Beaumont Tower.

The association "Fermat-Science", located in the birthplace of the famous mathematician, aims to promote mathematics accessible to all.
For the family
- From 3 to 103 years, Fermat-Science offers workshops and manipulations all year around math and science. Come experiment, manipulate, model, play!
For school
-From Mobile equipment
-Of Course packs
-Of Math and science workshops for Kindergarten to High School

- Free access to the exhibitions and games
- Workshops: € 3 / child
- Hunt Theorem: € 2 / flyer
- Open the same hours as the Beaumont Tourist Office.

Language(s) : français

GPS coordinates : lat. 43° 52' 58" - long. 0° 59' 15"


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