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Saint Antonin Noble Val


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Saint Antonin Noble Val, medieval town in the heart of the Gorges de l'Aveyron is a recognized practice of outdoor activities regional center, not to mention the many art, the charm of the streets and its famous Sunday market craftsmen.

The legend says that the body of Saint Antonin, martyred in Pamiers, sailed far in a boat driven by two white eagles. A monastery founded in his honor in the eighth century is the origin of the city, including the date of its largest extension plane. Crossroads of trade routes, rather than dynamic exchanges, Saint-Antonin experienced considerable growth. Its merchants were present in Italy, Spain, Flanders, his productions were in England, Holland. Tanneries and draperies were developed in the area of ​​Bessarel. Art, enriched contacts with Italy, spoke of the twelfth to the sixteenth century in sculpture and decoration of mansions. The city was the seat of a viscount as evidenced by the "Roman house" built in 1150, one of the oldest in France, the provost court viscount, became City Hall in 1313.

Today, Saint-Antonin, located on the border of Quercy, the Albigensian and Rouergue, is one of the oldest cities in the region. Dominated by the Roc d'Anglars whose high walls stand majestic St Antonin is nestled in a valley between the Aveyron and Bonnette.The old houses entangled along winding streets with their mullioned windows with mullions, their Gothic or Romanesque arches, old gates, the covered market, invite you to stroll and explore.

Saint Antonin Noble Val offers 15 beautiful trails for the practice of hiking, riding or cycling, more than 600 climbing routes listed and some caves to explore the underworld. The descent of the Gorges de l'Aveyron canoe (3:00 St Antonin Noble Val Cazals) takes you to varied and sumptuous landscapes: steep cliffs, bridges, embankments and natural beaches, gorges ... At the heart of a tourist area, Saint Antonin Noble Val offers many summer activities: cultural events (art room, concert, theater, dance ..), Heritage (harvest celebration, Harvest Festival, Heritage Days ..), night markets. Saint Antonin Noble Val also lives throughout the year thanks to its many artists and craftsmen:painters, sculptors, jewelers, leather goods, fashion ... and also thanks to its famous market, held every Sunday morning. Old houses entangled along narrow winding streets, filled with shadows and mystery, invite you to stroll and walk. Come and discover the Roman House, the oldest secular monument of France.

Water has always been last in St-Antonin Noble Val a special place with tanneries in the twelfth century, the spa at the beginning of the twentieth and the bottling plant which sells water from Saint Antonin Noble Val, called Source of the Black Prince.

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GPS coordinates : lat. 44° 9' 9" - long. 1° 45' 24"