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Musée La Villa des Peintres


Musée La Villa des Peintres 3 rue de la Mission,
Tel. 05 63 67 29 54



Pick-up artists, the museum "La Villa Des Painters" provides an overview of the pictorial heritage of subject for painters and sculptors of our region.

A coherent collection that includes hundreds of works that vast range of this collection represents all the means of expression. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, lithographs used to assess the language. A unique artistic meeting addressing various styles and movements, offering a journey through the art of the late nineteenth. century and early twentieth. century. One of the finest works of the regional school that boasts the curator. The public and visitors Montricounais
have the privilege of admiring the paintings of L. Andrieu, H. Bergere, EA Bourdelle, Y. Brayer, LP Cadene, A.Calastrini, J. Chalanda, L. Cazoties, L. Delancray, F. Desnoyers, R. Espinasse, R. Gaillard-Lala, JG Goulinat, Marcel - Lenoir, R. Limouse, H. Marre, L. Oury, H. Ramey, V. Prax, O.Zadkine. A prodigious artists and styles inspired by the country amount, and the images they keep. All these works demonstrate the importance of such diverse artistic talents. The museum is one of the essential steps arts in our region.
Accompanied children free. Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 15h to 19h

Language(s) : français

GPS coordinates : lat. 44° 4' 32" - long. 1° 37' 11"