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Garden of Simple


Garden of Simple Impasse des Carmes,
Tel. 05 63 63 60 60



Behind the austere facade of the Temple of the eighteenth century the Carmelites, lies the cloister and garden. The Simple Garden takes its name from the time of Charlemagne, where only a few plants could be cultivated in monasteries and this for medicinal purposes.

The charity was part of the essential duties of Christians. The garden was omnipresent in the monasteries and the herb garden stood ingeneral in the space of the infirmary.
Around the year 800, the plan of Saint Gall Desjardins medieval instituted so précisel'agencement these gardens in several parts: the herb garden, the garden, the orchard.

The Temple of the Carmelites, the Garden of Simple offers a collection of 70 plants: roses, shrubs etvivaces, small kitchen and utility plants. They are highlighted by lebiais a sign and waiting to be discovered.

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GPS coordinates : lat. 44° 0' 58" - long. 1° 21' 9"