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The Foucault Course


The Foucault Course Avenue du 10ème Dragons,



In the second half of the 17th century, bishops and intendants joined forces to make Montauban a modern, well-organized and airy city. Intendant Nicolas Joseph Foucault creates here in 1679, the first public walk. It responds to a dual motivation: to retain the lands that collapsed along the Tarn and offer the Montalbanais a space of approval. The course, which stretches over five hectares planted with abalone, quickly becomes a place frequented by the elegant society of the city, which likes to appear and walk there. At the end of the central alley stands the imposing War Memorial of 1914-1918 made by Bourdelle.

GPS coordinates : lat. 44° 1' 24" - long. 1° 20' 43"