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State Forest of Agre


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Between Tarn et Garonne, Agre forest, the aptly named, stretches his form drop on 1474 hectares between Montech and Montauban, Montauban in the heart of the country.

Former possession of the abbey of Moissac and the Counts of Toulouse, forestry once extended from the River Hers (near Granada) to the gates of Castelsarrasin. The forest area is incorporated into the Crown in 1361, during the reign of John the Good. In 1661, Colbert orders to reform the forests of the Great Masters of Toulouse (boundary areas, regulation of use rights). Agre forest then knows about its current boundaries. In the French Revolution, it is incorporated in the State field and forest becomes the creation of the Water and Forests in 1820. The entire forest is reported as ZNIEFF (Natural Area of ​​Interest ecological, Fauna, Floristic) Flora - Forest stands: Agre is a lowland forest occupied in majority by oak-hornbeam. Currently, the species distribution in% of the total area is approximately: - Hardwood: 82%: sessile oak,pédondulé oak, red oak, hornbeam, rowan, ... - Softwood: 18%: Corsican pine, Scots pine, maritime pine, fir ... Fauna: The forest is home to many Agre species: deer, wild boar, hare, rabbits, and other small predators (genet, fox, weasel, polecat ...) Birdlife is rich enough we note the presence of numerous protected species such as the black kite, booted eagle, short-toed eagle Jean-le-Blanc , the nightjar, Dartford warbler ¨ ¨, etc .... The situation of the forest, near Montauban and Toulouse, that public reception will be tomorrow the overriding objective of this massif. A tourism development project is the study, which is expected to accommodate all the public in respect of forest ecosystems. Source: cdg82.fr/cc-garonne-canal

GPS coordinates : lat. 43° 58' 6" - long. 1° 15' 52"