Confluence du Tarn et de la GaronneConfluence du Tarn et de la Garonne
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Terrasses and Valleys of the Garonne and Tarn

a destination 100 % nature

With its 450 hectares, 29 of which are dedicated to water sports and leisure activities, the confluence of the Tarn and Garonne rivers at St Nicolas de la Grave is a 100% nature destination: mountain biking, picnic areas, arboretum, hiking, bird sanctuary, water sports, fishing and swimming pool… not forgetting the relaxation and games at the leisure centre

A meeting place for birds from all over the world

The Saint-Nicolas de la Grave lake is also an ornithological reserve, the largest in the South-West, renowned for the diversity of species that frequent it. The ornithological observatory on the banks of the Garonne, created and run by the Tarn-et-Garonne Natural Science Society, allows you to follow the evolution of the migratory and sedentary birds that meet in this protected area.

From the leisure centre, a signposted walk leads to the confluence of the Tarn and Garonne rivers. From there, you can reach the village of St Nicolas de la Grave, its castle and the arcades of the town centre.