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The Aveyron Valley and Gorges by cycle

From Montauban to Laguépie, take your cycle to visit the Aveyron Gorges. No matter your level is, you can enjoy the itinerary along the Aveyron river and the cliffs in Tarn-et-Garonne. During your journey, you will have many steps with different styles. You will cross Montauban and its pink bricks, or also Negrepelisse and its Castle… In each step, the landscapes will surprise you : castles, valleys, villages, and many other places will permit you to discover the diversity of our heritage. On arrival at Laguépie, the Viaur river will let you swim and relax after your crossing, in a unique and preserved landscape.

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The itinerary of the Aveyron Valley and Gorges by cycle is for me the perfect marked course adapted at any levels. Throughout 85 kilometers, you will come across a variety of breathtaking landscapes. Each step will transport you in a new environment, prepare yourself for a real disorientation !

Before departure : don’t forget your helmet and your yellow jacket. Use your lights during the passage of tunnels. This itinerary is a shared route, be careful. Electric bike recommended.

From Montauban to Montricoux

Discover Ingres citadel before leaving

Your trip starts in Montauban, capital of Tarn-et-Garonne, a “pink city” of the South-West. Its buildings are made of pink bricks, at the centrer of the Tarn valley.

This city is also known for its important artists, as the painter Ingres, the sculptor Bourdelle and the feminist Olympe de Gouges. Nowadays, it’s a source of inspiration for the artists. You will find the Space Invader or also the 100Taur, some of the many works of street Art in Montauban !

Before taking your cycle, you have to stroll in the historic center of the city to see the artistic wealth of its streets and townhouses. Don’t hesitate to take a seat on the National Place to have a lunch or a coffee break.

When you leave Montauban, the campaign will be at a few kilometers.

The departure from Montauban

With your cycle, you will gently cross Saint-Etienne-de-Tulmont and come to Nègrepelisse, riding on easy routes, without important drops.

At your arrival to Nègrepelisse, you can contemplate the towers and the fortifications of the old castle on the “esplanade des châteaux”. This castle is now an Art and Design Center, named “La Cuisine”. In addition to being a sportive journey, you will also make gastronomic stops.

Practice : enjoy of the shade of the trees in front of the castle to leave your cycle and visit on foot “La Cuisine”. In this Center, you will find works from designers, such as The Wood of Sharewood from Marali Crasset. You can find these pieces on the island of The Cuisine, along the Aveyron river

Gourmet step at Vaïssac

Leaving Nègrepelisse, you will find many pigeon houses until Montricoux passing by Bioule.

If you want to discover the taste of the mushrooms of Vaïssac, the ceps, you can make a diversion of a few kilometers to go to the cycle reception lodge “Chez Terracier”. You will be welcomed by a cycling lover who will keep your cycles for a lunch or an evening.

From Montricoux to Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val

On the footsteps of the templars at Montricoux

This old templar citadel is the entrance of the Aveyron Gorges. The crossing of the Aveyron and the arrival in the village is the first climb of your trip. You will find the medieval facades of the houses and the Marcel-Lenoir Museum from the courtyard of the castle. Then, you wil follow the shady road lined with forest to go down along the Aveyron. A bridge which crosses the river is waiting for you after this easy descent. On your right, admire the huge Bruniquel Castles overlooking the landscape.

Escapes at Bruniquel and Penne

The route continues at the left, you have to quit it to go up to Bruniquel. This village is one of the most beautiful villages of France. You can put your cycles beside the Tourism Office and walk in the alleys of Bruniquel. You need 2 hours to visit correctly the village and see the many roses and the architecture. At the top of the village, the Old and the Young Castle make you cross the centuries. Take some height to admire the landscapes from the Renaissance galleries of the Castle.

After taking again your trip by cycle, don’t hesitate to escape to Penne. This other medieval citadel will enchant you with its narrow streets and its ruined castle. You can leave your cycle beside the Church and use the cobbled streets.

Awesome climb by the Corniche road

After these 2 escapes, the rhythm is easier. Some little climbs and drops are present along the route where you can make some pauses on natural beaches along the Aveyron. Sometimes, you can see mills as the one at Cazals. The next step is the Corniche road. This one climb until dominating the Aveyron Gorges at Brousse les Antibels. Take a break and breathe while enjoying its pigeon house. You continue cautiously your route and make a photo break on your left in the bend. Let yourself go on the drop until Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. You have the choice to spend a night in an hotel or in a camping in this enjoyable village.

From Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val to Laguépie

Our two must-sees, Lexos and Varen

Leave Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val and its Anglars Roc, and come to the Aveyron Valley. Along the road, you will cross Féneyrols and Montrosier, two typical villages of the Valley. Make a pause in front of the amazing train station of Lexos. Less than 3 kilometers around, discover Varen and its curious deanery, its abbey church, its Romanesque chapels and its sculpted animals.

Final effort, the arrival to Laguépie

Let yourself be surprised by Laguépie, at the end of your journey. This village at the gates of the Rouergue has a special atmosphere with its fabulous chestnut trees. These one produce the chestnut of Laguépie, wich can be enjoyed each year during the chestnut fair, the last Sunday of October.

If the weather is good, you can also swim at the Viau beach. In autumn, the landscape offers you many shades of red and orange with the trees bordering the river. In the morning, change the landscape and enjoy the mist, an idyllic scene for nature lovers.



From 15€ to rent a cycle

This 3 days trip includes

  • Charming village : Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val -> “Most beautiful village of France” Label : Bruniquel
  • City of Art and History : Montauban
  • 3 Big Sites Occitanie : Montauban, Bruniquel (Cordes-sur-Ciel and medieval citadels), Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val (Aveyron Gorges)
  • Outstanding natural site / Natura 2000 : Aveyron gorges
  • Pavillon Bleu : Laguépie
  • Città slow : Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val

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Vallée et Gorges de l'Aveyron à vélo
Vallée et Gorges de l'Aveyron à vélo
Vallée et Gorges de l'Aveyron à vélo