La Halle d'Auvillar, classée monument HistoriqueLa Halle d'Auvillar, classée monument Historique
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France's favourite village!
Discover Auvillar, 4th favourite village of the French!

The prestigious selection of 14 villages in the running to become the favourite village of the French highlights the rich heritage of French villages. This year, Auvillar represented the Occitanie region for this show presented by Stéphane Bern, a great event for all French people!

Auvillar, a city of pilgrims, came in 4th place among the French people’s favourite villages, a good result for one of our Most Beautiful Villages in France!

One village per region is nominated, each one hiding little treasures, breathtaking landscapes and a certain French charm, where the inhabitants are the first ambassadors of the beauty and conviviality of each village!

This year it was Auvillar, in Tarn-et-Garonne, which proudly carried the colours of Occitania!

Auvillar is the pearl of the Garonne, which it proudly dominates, glistening in the southern sun.

Auvillar, listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, has been a dream for its visitors for several centuries, and has all the charm of the Douce France sung by Charles Trenet.

Strolling through its cobbled streets, visitors fall under its spell.

A concentrate of charm of the

South West

Admire its beautiful timber-framed houses, magnificently preserved or restored, its superb market hall on the triangular square with its Tuscan air, its church with its imposing rose window and its astonishing bell tower, the clock tower, the ideal gateway to discover the village.

You can also take advantage of the view from the former castle square to admire the Garonne valley and the surrounding villages… and just next door, The Ursuline convent, which now houses the Tourist Office and whose former chapel is used as an exhibition space.

The Port of Auvillar, today a bucolic setting for picnics and walks, has long been the source of the village’s wealth, thanks to the passage of the barges that transported the famous Auvillar earthenwareacross the Garonne to Bordeaux.

A lively village and guardian of its traditions, it is also an essential stage on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

Every year the village is in turmoil during the Saint-Noé, the winegrowers’ festival. This is an opportunity for the inhabitants to dress up in the most beautiful outfits of the past, singing, feasting and going on wild antics throughout the village.

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