Halle d'AuvillarHalle aux grains et maisons à colombages d'Auvillar
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DiscoveryDeux RivesFrom the Garonne to the hills of Quercy Blanc

Les Deux Rives

From the banks of the Garonne to the bastides

Located to the west of Tarn-et-Garonne, the Deux Rives territory borders with Lot-et-Garonne and Gers.

The Deux Rives territory, as its name suggests, is crossed by the Garonne, a real link between the Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine regions.

Generous and authentic land, the territory of Deux Rives conceals architectural treasures such as Auvillar , classified as “Most Beautiful Villages of France”, the bastides of Montjoi, Castelsagrat and Dunes villages of character with certain charm.

Land of roaming, the territory of the Deux Rives is crossed by the path of St-Jacques de Compostelle or GR65 and is a privileged stopover for cycle tourists in love with sports circuits and beautiful landscapes. The Canal des Deux Mers also connects the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, thus offering an ideal itinerary for river cruises.

Stroll through bastides on the wild banks of the Garonne

Auvillar, a wonderful village

Stage of the road to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, the village of Auvillar has retained its magnificent triangular square where the market rises, a circular building whose semicircular arch is exceptional for its symmetry. This city is remarkable for the architecture of the houses with corbels, moldings and braces. Also note the recently restored Saint-Pierre church, the Clock Tower, the castle square and the port.

Do not miss to discover the former Ursuline convent, which now houses the Deux Rives Tourist Office . This remarkable building offers a magnificent view of the landscapes of the Garonne.

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Montjoi and Castelsagrat, two sparkling bastides in the Quercy blanc, adopted by Thomas and Teddy Verneuil , brothers and influencers.

I didn’t really know the word bastide before coming here, so I had to look at the definition on the internet to fully understand the meaning. And it is true that here, not far from Lauzerte, one can discover two bastides in the sense of “Small fortified town” and with a regular plan, created from scratch in the Middle Ages in the south-west of France. I therefore invite you to go to the bastides of Castelsagrat and Montjoi to discover two exceptional small villages. They are very close to each other but you will travel through small intimate places with a crazy charm. Special mention for the place of Castelsagrat which is exceptional, especially in autumn.

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Deux Rives