La Lomagne, un petit air de Toscane dans le sud-ouestLa Lomagne, un petit air de Toscane dans le sud-ouest
©La Lomagne, un petit air de Toscane dans le sud-ouest|LezBroz
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Lomagne Tarn-et-Garonnaise

Welcome to Gascon land

To the south-west of Tarn-et-Garonne, Lomagne nestles between the Gascon hillsides and the Garonne valley.

Gentle rolling hills crossed by multiple streams, a land of white garlic , between mists and sun, the Lomagnola countryside takes on the air of Tuscany belied by the fleeting vision of the Pyrenees.

The stone and brick farms, the large low houses with tiled roofs and facades animated by high porches promise beautiful architectural encounters. Picturesque villages, bastides, churches and chapels, castles, dovecotes …

Lomagne, you have to tame it, take the time to explore its territory with an alert mind and an eye on the alert.

The garlic is health that perfume is the rose.

White garlic, the flagship of Lomagne

Small terroir but great fragrance!

Cultivated in Lomagne since the Middle Ages, white garlic experienced its revival in the 1950s. 300 producers spread over approximately 350 ha cultivate a white garlic, with a powerful and woody scent, the chosen companion of duck or foie gras and more original way in macaroon.

White garlic is a legendary plant with unsuspected virtues which adapts to all dishes and can be cooked in all forms: raw, cooked, chopped, tinted, in a shirt, pricked …

Fermat, genius mathematician

Come discover and relive the life of the genius mathematician Pierre Fermat in Beaumont-de-Lomagne. He is known to have stated a theorem whose proof was not established until 300 years later by the British mathematician Andrew Wiles.

In Pierre Fermat’s birthplace , science and mathematics are learned while having fun: workshops, puzzles and manipulations accessible to everyone from 3 to 99 years old.

With the Hunting for the theorem, 12 mathematical and historical puzzles must be solved according to a treasure hunt in the Fermat house and in the bastide.

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Lomagne Tarn-et-Garonnaise