Le Quercy Caussadais
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Quercy Caussadais

A land full of delicacies

The territory of Quercy Caussadais is located on the foothills and hills of Quercy. Thanks to its privileged geographical position, the Quercy Caussadais has been occupied by humans since the end of the Neolithic. The various megalithic remains, such as the dolmens, attest to this. Over the course of history, natural spaces will be tamed and see the construction of medieval villages, collegiate churches and brick and stone churches.

A veritable cornucopia, the Quercy Caussadais offers wines, fruits, truffles, saffron, lamb … In the hottest of summer, life seems to have frozen, but watch these thousands of green and yellow balls, full of sugar. and sun… it ‘s Quercy melon !

A mushroom prized by fine gourmets, topped with a beret and not a boater… it’s the black truffle from Quercy ! Red gold from Quercy my Latin name is crocus sativus linnaeus , I am… saffron from Quercy.

A 16th century comic strip!

5 exceptional tapestry panels recount the legend and the life of Saint Martin. These Flanders tapestries were designed for the choir of the Collegiate Church of Montpezat-de-Quercy . This unique piece of nearly 500 years is a real comic strip of exceptional value, in particular because they are in the exact location and in the building for which they were commissioned, a very rare case! You should take full advantage of this gem from Quercy Caussadais which recently benefited from a restoration by the royal De Wit factory in Belgium.

Pétronille, Maurice and the others

But what do Pétronille Cantecor, Maurice Chevalier and French haute couture houses have in common? The hats of Caussade !

Pétronille Cantecor was born in Septfonds in 1770. Married and mother of a large family, she had the idea of ​​plaiting wheat straw to make hats, during her free time. The straw was born. The enthusiasm was such that a real production was born and that it created its first workshop in Septfonds in 1796.

This initiative was at the origin of what was to become the great specialty of Quercy Caussadais. The early straw has given way to wool, felt, textiles, leather. The star articles were undoubtedly the boater for men, so dear to Maurice Chevalier, and its equivalent for women, the gréty.

The territory of

Quercy Caussadais