Chasselas de Moissac AOPChasselas de Moissac AOP
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The Chasselas

and its golden grains

A local treasure

The Chasselas de Moissac is no longer just an exceptional table grape. It is now used in fruit juices, carbonated juices, jams and alcoholic beverages. Thus the aperitif “Le Quercy des Iles” was created, composed of Chasselas doré, Martinique rum, flavoured with Tahitian vanilla and sharpened with Espelette pepper. The Emoustilleur is also a must-try, made from Chasselas brandy, excellent to polish off your meal.

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A National Jem

This iconic Tarn-et-Garonne product Ce produit emblématique du Tarn-et-Garonne is one of the jewels  of French gastronomy and is known as “grain doré”, because of its round shape.

To gain the PDO each grap is chiselled, a goldsmith’s work often done by women, the chasselatières.

The Chasselas de Moissac AOP is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The most popular table grape is now listed as National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage. A very fine reward for the cultivation of the Chasselas de Moissac AOP grape, which honours the unique knowledge of the Chasselatières and Chasselatiers.