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To take home in your suitcase

To take home in your suitcase

Take a bit of Tarn-et-Garonne with you! Many emblematic products will delight your palate once you get home. The Tarn-et-Garonne and its region can be savoured without moderation through delicacies and specialities created by artisans who love good products and their department.

Sweet delights

The Rasquil

The Rasquil is a brioche cake with natural lemon zest made in Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave.

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The “Gâteau d’Oc”

Gilles Quèbre, pastry chef and chocolatier from Moissac, has created a new cake made in Occitania, it is a cake with almond paste and creamy in Chasselas grape.

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The Golden Grain

Cédric and Aurélie Morreto’s chocolate and pastry shop in Moissac produces the famous golden grain, a recipe created in 1954, with dark chocolate, Chasselas seed and a little bit of Armagnac.

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La Montalbane

In Montauban, everyone knows Maison Mauranes for its delicious bread and its sweet specialities such as “la montalbane”.This cake is composed by candied fruits and brioche scratted of sugar.

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The “boulets de Montauban”

Maison Pécou, already renowned for its sugared almonds, has developed this speciality, an Hazelnut coated by chocolate.

Plus d’infos

The bonbons flingueurs

The “bonbons flingueurs”, crispy roasted hazelnuts and peanuts coated with acacia gum and milk chocolate are a reference to Lautner’s film and the character played by Lino Ventura.

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The macaroon of Lauzerte

Raymond IV, the famous Count of Toulouse, used to have this home-made delicacy delivered to him every day. Today, this ancestral expertise is perpetuated by the Bonnefous family, who have preserved its authentic almond flavour.

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Beers, aperitifs and spirits

Le Quercy des îles

This aperitif, produced by Mathieu Albugues, is made from golden Chasselas, rum from Martinique, flavoured with Tahitian vanilla and stimulated by Espelette chilli. The Georgette Gin is a novelty, the result of the marriage of chasselas juice and BOWS Gin.

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Oc’Ale beers

The beers from Oc’Ale are produced in Lafrançaise. Beers pale, brown, cream or black.

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Benoît Garcia produce himself in Montauban Vodka, rum, gin and unique spirit drinks. He also makin his own labels.

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