Grèbe Huppé (podiceps Cristatus) Lac De GravièreGrèbe Huppé (podiceps Cristatus) Lac De Gravière
©Grèbe Huppé - St Nicolas de la Grave

The largest bird reserve

From the south of France

The Saint-Nicolas de la Grave lake is also an ornithological reserve, renowned for the diversity of bird species that frequent it. The ornithological observatory, created and run by the Tarn-et-Garonne Natural Science Society, is set up on the banks of the Garonne and allows you to follow the fascinating journey of migratory and sedentary birds. Almost 2km and 30 minutes’ walk from the village, you can reach the bird observatory from where, you can spot the small island around which the migratory or sedentary bird fauna is very varied (the richest in the Midi-Pyrénées region).