Canal des Deux MersCanal des Deux Mers
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The Montech canal

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The Montech canal runs for 11 km. It connects the Tarn, in Montauban, to the Garonne canal in Montech.

The Montech canal was built at the same time as the Garonne canal, of which it is a branch to join Montauban and the Tarn which was navigable at the time. Since its opening, many changes have occurred. Port Canal in Montauban offers moorings and a pontoon for 25m boats, some lock houses have been converted into restaurants and the former towpath has become a cycle route.


A new life for these houses

Giving a second life to these lock houses built in the 19th century is what the Voies Navigables de France (VNF) wanted to do on the canals of Tarn-et-Garonne.

Lovers of this exceptional heritage, gastronomy and art enthusiasts have taken up the challenge launched by the VNF. Bistrot Constant, l’Oguste, le Jardin du Contrôleur… so many houses that have been given a new look.


A unique boat lift in the world

The Montech water slope was a boat lift that replaced a group of 5 locks. The system was installed in 1974 but has not been in operation since 2009. Nevertheless, this structure is unique in the world. The only other example of this type, but later, is the water slope of Fonserannes in the Hérault.

The Montech Canal

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