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A variety of landscapes to be amazed

The Two Seas Canal

By bike, by boat: take your time!

Canal des Deux Mers or the South-West in a gentle way

The largest construction project of its time, the Canal du Midi was interrupted in Toulouse due to a lack of funding. In the 19th century, it was extended by the Garonne Canal from Toulouse to Castets-en-Dorthe near Bordeaux. The whole forms the Canal des Deux Mers, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. It is a major tourist site. Under the green canopy of plane trees, the slow pace of the cruise is synonymous with slow tourism, relaxation and the absence of stress. All of these are sought-after values, especially in a region where the good life is elevated to the rank of art.

Exceptional engineering structures

The Garonne Canal has many engineering structures, some of which are as ingenious as they are spectacular. The Cacor bridge-canal and the Saint Jacques swing bridge, both in Moissac, or the water slope in Montech are good excuses for a stopover.

More than 700 km of cycle routes!

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

Thanks to the cycle route, it is possible to cycle from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean in complete safety along the Canal des Deux Mers. From Royan to Sète, there are over 700 km of cycling.

The section from Royan to Toulouse is suitable for all types of cyclists: from the experienced to the Sunday cyclist. The second part of the route, from Toulouse to Sète, is for experienced cyclists. As the route is only partially developed, some sections can be tricky for the inexperienced. Suitable bikes, such as mountain bikes, are strongly recommended.

All along the route there are accommodation, places to visit and restaurants dedicated to cycle tourists. They can be recognised by the Accueil Vélo sign.

The entire of the

Canal des Deux Mers

As the water flows

Walks, lunch cruises, weekends...
Want to discover the Canal in a different way?

The Compagnie fluviale du Midi, based in Montauban, invites you to come aboard their boat “Olympe” and their barge “Gaïa” to navigate on the Canal de Garonne or the Tarn.

Whether for an hour or for a night, the crew of the river company will take you from lock to lock to discover this amazing canal in the shade of the plane trees.

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During summer

Festival Convivencia

Sailing scene on the Canal

A barge transformed into a sailing stage, musical stops along the Canal: this is the Convivencia Festival. With free access, the public can meet on the banks in a guinguette atmosphere where they can share a drink and eat. Current world music artists perform on the deck of the barge; the programme is different at each stopover.