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Cycling along the canal of the two seas

Discover the treasures of the Tarn-et-Garonne cycling on the shade of century-old oak trees.

The cycle paths of the Canal of the Two Seas, from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea, cross the department. You can discover the “Orchards of the South-West”, respecting the environment and taking time for yourself in safety.


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The Canal of the Two Seas is an essential itinerary to get through the Tarn-et-Garonne, from West to East. All along this journey, take advantage of the orchards and plains of the rivers Tarn and Garonne, by way of vineyards and river ports. Enjoy the heritage of Tarn-et-Garonne, and the nostalgic landscapes.

From Lamagistère to Moissac

The part from Lamagistère to Moissac follow the canal on 24 kilometers on safe and secure greenway bicycle route.

Discovering the Valley of the river Garonne

This itinerary begin at West of Tarn-et-Garonne, at an ancient river port, Lamagistère, known for its wine from Brulhois.

A few kilometers later, you will arrive at Valence d’Agen. This city has amazing circular laundries, markers of a glorious past.

Take a break to the old slaughterhouses, now boat stops along the Canal to refresh yourself. On Tuesday mornings, there is a market where you can find local products and speak with productors.


Sweet escape Auvillar:

Only 6 kilometers after Valence d’Agen or Pommevic from the Canal, take the country roads to make a “détour” to Auvillar.

This is one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France.

This village is known because it is a famous stop on the way to Compostela, and benefits from an italian atmosphere thanks to its magnificent grain hall.

Escape to the Confluence of rivers Tarn and Garonne

Less than 1 kilometer from the Canal, the rivers Tarn and Garonne join each other in Saint-Nicolas-de-la Grave. You have to take the stairs to go to the Coudol bridge and the confluent will be on your left after the bridge. If you want, you can rent a Canoë to explore the little natural and protected islands and observ their fauna, or take the itinerary of the birds observatory walking or cycling.


From Moissac to Montech

There are 24 kilometers from Moissac to Montech along the Canal on safe and secure greenway bicycle route.

Moissac and its Romanesque Art treasures

The river Tarn and the Canal are gathered in the bucolic city of Moissac. This city is full of treasures from the Romanesque Art. You can leave your cycles in cycle box near the Abbey, in the Marengo alley.

Discover the Cloister and the Tympanum of the Abbey Church, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to the ways of Compostela. You have to taste the speciality of this city, the Chasselas grape of Moissac, also named as “golden grain”.

You can find it in different sweets, to bring back with you : in a sorbet at the restaurant Le Florentin, in grape juice or as an appetizer at the Uvarium, or in grapes if you visit during the harvest season from September to November.


Cultural break in Castelsarrasin

Castelsarrasin welcome you in its flowered river port and its Eiffel bridge.

A few meters around, there is the Saint-Sauveur Church and the city center.

On Thursday mornings, there is the market near the canal, you will find local products to have a fabulous lunch.


Do not miss:

Discover the works of Firmin Bouisset, a famous advertise artist from the 19th century, born in Tarn-et-Garonne. His works are exposed in the ancient House of Spain.

Plus d’infos

The Cacor Bridge allows the Canal to span the Tarn. Follow the canal from Moissac to Castelsarrasin through one of the longest Canal bridge of France.

From Montech to Montauban

The part from Montech to Montauban follow the Canal of Montech over 10 kilometers on safe and secure greenway bicycle route.

Montech, a city of the Modern Age

Before arriving in Montech, you will make a diversion by a cycle pist to discover a surprising machine. This is the Montech Water Slop.

This piece is unique in Europe and allowed boats to pass through several locks and to save time for sailers.

Nowadays, this water slop no longer working but you can learn the History of it on the Altaïr barge.


Gourmet break at the Bistrot Constant

Close to the harbor, take a seat on the charming terrace of the Bistrot Constant, in the former lock keeper’s house. The famous chief Christian Constant and Christophe Marque will offer you incredible moments of French traditional cuisine.

City trip in Montauban

To reach the amazing city of Montauban, cycle along the Canal of Montech, perpendicular canal of the Canal of the Two Seas.

After cycling along 10 kilometers, you will arrive to the Canal port of the beautiful city of Montauban. A cycle pist can be used to go to the center.

Montauban is an architectural jewel, with its builfings from 17th century in pink bricks and its private mansions. Don’t hesitate to visit the Saint-Jacques Church, the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Cathedral, the lovely square “Place nationale” and also the Ingres Bourdelle Museum with the works of these two artists, both born in Montauban.

If you are a cliff lover, follow our cyrcling route Aveyron Valley and Gorge, which start in Montauban and take you to Laguépie.


From Montauban to Pompignan

The part from Montauban to Pompignan follow the Canal of Montech on 10 kilometers to Montech and the then the Canal of the two seas, over 14 kilometers, on safe and secure greenway bicycle route.

Dolce Farniente along the Canal of Montech

Come to the Canal Port and take again the Canal of Montech until this city.

At mid-way, have a lunch in the lock keeper’s guinguette Chez Gabriel, at your right. The chef Gabriel Capo proposes a simple and tasty traditional food that you can taste on his terrace or inside the house.

When you arrive to Montech, take the direction of Grisolles and Toulouse.

An itinerary between Wine and Cycle

Soon, a new Cycle Green Way will connect Montauban to Orgueil along a former Railway. It will link the Canal with the vineyards of Fronton.

Nowadays, this cycle ways goes from Bressols to Orgueil, and permit to go to Labastide-Saint-Pierre and discover several vineyards of Fronton.


Restaurant L’ Ôguste in Dieupentale

Before entering to Dieupentale, the former caretaker’s house of the city is now the restaurant L’Ôguste.

Ruchard Fuster and his wife welcome you with a local cuisine of the South-West. If you want to stay for a night, they also have a cosy trailer, for an unusual night in Tarn-et-Garonne. Don’t wait to discover it: l’Ôguste.

Grisolles and its famous straw brooms

One of the lasts steps before Toulouse will introduce you the village of Grisolles. Find the impressive metal hall in its center, the church and the Calbet Museum right behind it. This one present you the History of Grisolles and the the local craft industry, the manufacture of brooms.

In the village, walk through the alleys to follow the course of the former broom workshops.

Follow your route to Pompignan, last village before entering in Haute-Garonne and going to Toulouse.

To visit the Musée Calbet.

To go further

The Canal of the Two Seas measure more than 700 kilometers, passing by Tarn-et-Garonne. It crosses all the South-West of France, linking the city of Royan, on the Atlantic coast, to Sète, on the Mediterranean coast.

From 15€ to rent a cycle.

From 15€ to eat in a restaurant

From 55€ to spend a night in an accommodation for cyclists

Free access to the itinerary

This experience includes:


  • The crossing of the department thanks to a major route for cycling in France
  • Cities of Art and History : Moissac and Montauban
  • 2 Great Sites of Occitanie : Moissac, Lauzerte-Auvillar and Montauban
  • Outstanding natural site/Natura2000 : the confluence of Tarn and Garonne
  • Most beautiful village of France : Auvillar


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