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DiscoveryCoteaux et Plaines du Pays LafrançaisainThe Belvedere of the Tarn plain

Coteaux et Plaines du Pays Lafrançaisain

The Pays Lafrançaisain or the beautiful escape between hills and plains

Landscapes of orchards, market gardening, Celtic, Gallo-Roman and Roman remains, the Coteaux et Plaines du Pays Lafrançais territory enchant with its nature and its history.

In Antiquity, the Roman road and the Tarn were important commercial axes. They favored exchanges with the surrounding populations. Then in the Middle Ages, various castles , churches and villages were built. Many vestiges of these eras are still visible today.

The Coteaux et Plaines du Pays Lafrançais area also offers a leisure valley , in the Bastide de Lafrançaise, which is a delight for nature lovers. The lake and its banks are a haven of peace and freshness on hot summer days. The nearby fun complex is ideal for convivial moments with family or friends.

Take height !

Real belvederes on the plains of Tarn and Aveyron, many viewpoints have been developed throughout the territory of the Pays Lafrançaisain. In good weather, it is not uncommon to see the chain of the Pyrenees even if unfortunately this is a harbinger of rain!

In spring, these points of view are perfect for admiring the colorful patchwork offered by the orchards in bloom: white apple trees, pink cherry trees, garnet plum trees …

Lafrançaise, between History and leisure

Lafrançaise, is a bastide founded in 1274. However, an older Roman occupation is still visible with a cascade bridge and the Pontalaman mill. During the following centuries, the Bastide de Lafrançaise suffered the vicissitudes of history. Despite the horrors of the past, the city has retained its characteristics of a country house: ramparts, a perfect grid, streets around a market place.

Today, Lafrançaise, its Vallée des Loisirs and its many attractions are popular places for families in search of greenery, activities and discoveries. Meet a miller, get to know an English gardener, talk with enthusiasts of exotic plants, awaken your senses on a path of scents, cackle or cartwheels with farm animals …

Coteaux et Plaines

du Pays Lafrançaisain