Confluence du Tarn et de la GaronneConfluence du Tarn et de la Garonne
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Moissac – Terres des Confluences

From Moissac to Castelsarrasin , via Saint Nicolas de la Grave , the territory of Moissac – Terres des Confluences attracts by the diversity of its landscapes, its many views over the plains of Tarn and Garonne, its farmers’ markets …

Moissac – Terres des Confluences is also an immersion in History. Jewel of this territory, the Abbey of Moissac listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO (as part of the St-Jacques de Compostelle routes). For centuries, pilgrims on the Chemin de St-Jacques have stopped in this sacred place, unique in the world and recognized as one of the splendors of Roman Art in Europe.

Numerous bastides and picturesque villages of Moissac – Terres des Confluences contain the legends of the Templars , the adventures of Lamothe Cadillac, founder of the city of Detroit (USA) and who gave his name to the legendary American car!

Between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean , the Canal des Deux Mers offers a superb cycle route and a waterway for cruises in a majestic setting. Discover the Cacor canal bridge and the many architectural works to the rhythm of river navigation or cycle tourism, without forgetting the gastronomic pearls of this region where the sweetness of life reigns!

Lock houses converted into cafes, restaurants, guest rooms, in the middle of a bucolic setting …

Chasselas de Moissac, a concentrate of sun!

The Chasselas de Moissac AOP is the most precious table grape. This emblematic product of Tarn-et-Garonne and the Moissac – Terres des Confluences territory is one of the jewels of French gastronomy; it is nicknamed golden grain, because of its round shape and the skin on the grains. To obtain the PDO, each bunch is chiseled, a work of goldsmith often carried out by women, the Chasselatières.

A popular stopover for birds from Africa and Europe

The confluence of the Tarn and the Garonne is a magnificent place appreciated by various species of birds that inhabit or stop at the ornithological reserve. The latter is the largest in the South-West and welcomes, during migratory flows, birds such as: white spoonbills, Bewick’s swans, purple herons …

The territory of


Terres de Confluences