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Fronton Wines : “La négrette”

The PDO Fronton has been winning the label “Vignobles & Découvertes” guarantee of quality. These wines are characterised by their main grape variety, the négrette, which produces reds with scents of black fruits, flowers and spices. The rosés are fruity and soft with good aromatic intensity.

In the land of rugby, between Toulouse and Montauban, the Négrette has character, like the winegrowers who cultivate it. We met them, tasted their wines and visited their cellars. If the memories we keep are memorable, we are convinced that there are still beautiful stories to be written between us, passionate about gastronomy and good products, and this Fronton appellation, still too unknown, which is still rising!


Guillaume Gomez, MOF and President of the Cuisiniers de la République Française, and Loïc Ballet, journalist at France Télévisions

A little history…

According to legend, the Négrette, was brought back from Cyprus by the Hospitallers of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. Even if the presence of these Knights is proven, current research would tend to show that this grape variety has its geographical origin in the area around the banks of the Tarn.

In any case, the Négrette is a specificity of the Fronton vineyard and the only appellation to have appropriated this somewhat capricious grape variety, which produces elegant, structured, aromatic and flowery wines.
The Négrette is a variety sensitive to certain diseases and requires a lot of care. But the Fronton winegrowers, proud of their history and their roots, have chosen to preserve this original grape variety. Moreover, the specifications of the Fronton PDO are very clear: in the final blend of red and rosé Fronton wines, Négrette must be the majority variety. In recent years, several winemakers have launched 100% Négrette vintages with undeniable success.

The Négrette takes its name from its black colour, an intense colour that is found in the wines. And there is no doubt that Négrette gives particular aromas of black fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant…), violet, red fruits, liquorice and other peppery notes.

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